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Campsite Rules & Regulations
Arrival Times

Reception opens for new arrivals from 10am. Please do not arrive on site before this time.

The latest arrival time (without explicit confirmation for a later arrival) is 8.30pm. If you are in the situation where you need to arrive later than this, you will need to contact us via this form, anticipating that a response may not always be immediate.

Departure Times

All campers must have vacated their pitch locations by 11am on the day of departure.

Vehicle Movement

No vehicle movement is permitted between the hours of 10.30pm and 6am.


To preserve a back-to-nature ambience, STRICTLY NO MUSIC, TV, RADIO, VIDEO GAMES or similar should be audible within the boundaries of the park AT ANY TIME whatsoever.

If a neighbour is playing music, please contact a warden by phoning the number given within your arrival welcome pack as soon as you can - so that we can ask those persons to either desist or leave the park.

All-Quiet After 11pm

In a rural environment as Blacklands, it can be surprising just how far and well even the slightest noise will carry across the entire park. A tent offers zero insulation against that either. With the very great majority of campers coming with babies, toddlers and young children, we therefore have a strict all-quietened down after 11pm policy.

We understand this may not suit the plans of everybody - Blacklands is not a destination for singles groups, for adult birthday parties, or alike - so please do make sure you are on board with all of our regulations before booking. Else, it only makes trouble for the warden who's responsibility it is to enforce the rule, and disappointment for the parties concerned.


Dogs are permitted, but must be kept on a lead AT ALL TIMES without exception.

To encourage those camping with us with dogs to take up a more suitable location in the paddocks, the charge for dogs in the playground field (in warmer months) is considerably higher than in the paddocks.

Pitch Allocation

The camping fields at Blacklands are not divided up into individual pitches in any way. The camping area of the playground field is not segmented at all, while the paddocks is split into a number of smaller sections (called, you guessed, paddocks).

Beyond the choice of field when booking (either the playground field or the paddocks), it isn't possible to pre-allocate a particular area or section of your chosen field before arrival. This first come first served basis goes for groups also.

All pitch locations are allocated on the day by the wardens, largely according to the dispersal of pitches at that point.


We are sure that we won't need to tell anyone that would be camping with us what constitutes acceptable behaviour around children (who are never far from you when staying with us in warmer months).

However, in the event that we or our our guests should notice excessive bad language being used, overt drunken behaviour, shouting, loud noise after 11pm, or any other form of unsuitable behaviour, we reserve the right to ask those persons to cut short their stay, perhaps with immediate effect.

In that case, no refunds or credits will be awarded in lieu of camping paid for but not fulfilled.

We also reserve the right to place a stop on future bookings from any persons that we feel it is warranted to do so.

Fire Regulations
Commercial Vehicles

Sign written vans are permitted, but once any camping gear is unloaded on arrival, the van needs to be moved to the designated area, as directed by a warden.

Further Regulations
Fire Regulations

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