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Frequently Asked Questions
Booking & Arrival

What time can we arrive from?


Reception opens for new arrivals from:

  • 9am for playground field non-electric and paddocks bookings
  • 11am for playground field electric and off-peak hardstanding bookings

It is essential to please not arrive on site before these times.


The latest arrival time is 8.30pm. All arrivals later than this are strictly by permission only, which must be obtained in advance by email (best by reply to your booking confirmation email).


No vehicle movement is permitted on the campsite between the hours of 10.30pm and 6am. Outside of this period, no vehicle is to progress beyond the car park in the main farm courtyard on any late arrival or return.

All-Quiet After 11pm

We operate a strict policy of all-quiet after 11pm. After 11pm, all social events must have completely wound down, and movement around the grounds should be kept to an absolute minimum.


All campers must have vacated their pitch area by 11am on the day of departure.

What about payment & cancellation?

The payment and cancellation related policies in effect may vary seasonally, and between the different field options that we offer. So to see the exact policies for your requirements and dates, it is necessary to advance through the initial stages of the booking process (where dates and a field option are selected) to the point that the panel of itemised prices is shown - from where it's possible to open up the applicable policies.

The applicable policies are also reproduced in full at the foot of booking confirmation emails.

Some essential policies are universal to all bookings however:

  • Refunds are not given
  • Deposits are not charged
  • Full payment can be made no earlier than four weeks before the scheduled date of arrival
  • Full payment must be made no later than the end of day seven days ahead of arrival (which is referred to as the payment cut-off point), else a booking is automatically cancelled
  • Where payments have been made towards a booking on which an outstanding balance remains payable at the payment cut-off point, the system will cancel the booking and issue a credit for the balance of payments made thus far.
  • Bookings are subject to a booking lock-in point. This does vary depending on the field option and time of year, but is generally four days before the scheduled date of arrival. In that case, for a Friday arrival, the booking locks-in past the end of day (11:59pm) of the preceding Monday. Past the booking lock-in point: under no circumstance will credits be issued should you cancel or otherwise not attend on the dates you have booked for; the date of arrival and field option can no longer be changed; the number of nights staying can no longer be reduced.

How do I book to fish?

Fishing tickets are currently obtained and paid for on arrival only, not when placing a booking for camping. In the off-peak season it may be necessary to arrange fishing in advance - please see this page for more information and the means to get in touch with the fishing warden.

How do I change my booking?

Bookings are easily updated or cancelled online via the booking update service. Just click the booking update service button in your booking confirmation email (no password is required).

If you have misplaced your booking confirmation email, then click through to the booking service below, and enter in the email address used on the booking in question where it says Access My Booking.

Groups & Placement

Are groups allowed?

We cater to family and mature adult groups only.

We regret that we strictly do not cater to unaccompanied youths, groups of singles or young couples, stag or hen dos, weddings, or adult birthday parties.

For the essential information on group camping, including the maximum permitted group sizes, please click below

Will I be placed with my friends/group?

Yes, for groups that are no more than the maximum permitted group size for the respective field, we guarantee to provide a pitching area with adequate space to accommodate everyone that has added the same common group name to their booking.

To see the current maximum permitted group sizes, where to add the group name, and for other advice on booking for more than one tent or van, please click below:

Can I reserve a specific pitch location?

No, beyond the choice of field (the playground field or the paddocks), all pitch locations within the fields are allocated on arrival only.

We appreciate that many campers (and groups) might have a preferred pitch location they would like to request in advance (in their chosen field).

However, given the flux of arrivals and departures in warmer months, the only way to effectively promise anyone that a specific pitch or area would be available for them on their arrival, would be to divide the field up into demarcated numbered pitches and have the booking system manage allocation.

If you have camped with us before, you will understand how very considerably that would alter the current more informal dynamic - where everyone always manages to comfortably fit in around everyone else, with almost invariably, everyone content with their location.

Because it doesn't seem correct to offer to any one person what must ultimately be denied to another, pitch locations are therefore allocated on arrival only in all cases.

In warmer months, a warden will meet you on arrival and will try to accommodate your first choices as far as their other considerations permit. More off-season, should reception not be manned, you can set up where you like (in the field you have booked).

Can we hold a social event in the evening?

Note most importantly that there is strictly no music permitted at any time and that the entire site is all-quiet after 11pm.

Blacklands does not permit, and is definitely not the venue for groups of singles, young couples, stag or hen dos, weddings or adult birthday parties.

Although we do permit small number of tents and vans to gather together in group camps (please click through to the group booking info below for details of the maximum gathering size), the social side of this in the evening must stay sensible, with everything winding down fully by 11pm.

It should be noted in particular that the maximum gathering size governs any one social event forming on the fields also. For example, members of a camp of four tents joining members of another camp of four tents sited in the paddocks for the evening would expressly not be permissible (with the maximum gathering size in the paddocks being six tents/vans).

In the countryside, noise travels incredibly far and wide. So with most campers coming along with babies and children, any noise much after 11pm will result in complaints from others - and justifiably so, given that all-quiet by 11pm is prominently stated in booking confirmation emails.

Therefore, we would stress in the strongest degree that prospective campers in any doubt whatsoever as to whether our regulations are suited to their plans should please not go ahead with any bookings.


Is hot food available onsite?

Olly's Fish Shack

The ever popular Olly's fish shack is once again serving at Blacklands this 2022 season.

Confirmed dates are Friday the 15th & 29th of April (the Easter and Early May BH weekends), and then every Friday commencing with the Platinum Jubilee on Friday June 3rd, through to Friday August 26th (the Summer BH weekend).

For more information, and with any questions, please visit Olly's Fish Shack Facebook Page

What can I buy in the shop?

Our onsite shop is open from Easter to the end of September.
What we do stock
Fresh bread & milk
Bags of ice
Grocery staples
Sweets & Ice Cream
Cold drinks and snacks
Homemade preserves & cakes
Home-grown free-range eggs
Locally produced bacon, sausages, burgers
Smokeless logs, kindling, fire-lighters
Disposable gas cartridges (220gm & 450g screwtop, 190gm pierceable)
What we don't stock
Tents/Camping Equipment
Fishing Rods

Can I hire a tent?

No tents for hire we are afraid. For all camping and touring, it is necessary to bring (and erect) your own tent, trailer tent, caravan, camper van, or motorhome.

Do you have disabled facilities?

Yes, we have multiple disabled access showers and toilets across our facilities blocks.

What pubs are available locally?

Yes, just 400 metres from Blacklands is The Wheatsheaf Pub, which serves excellent food, and offers takeaway also.

At just under a couple of miles by car is the Bull Inn just North of Henfield. The Bull is known for excellent pizza and a range of other good dishes.

At exactly two miles by car (and slightly less across country on foot), The Royal Oak at Wineham is a very popular local traditional pub serving good food.

Henfield village, just over two miles by car has a number of pubs and places to get something to eat. Notable places include The George Hotel, and Kebab Knight who will deliver to the campsite.

For walking routes from the campsite to all of these destinations, please see below:

Can I grab a coffee somewhere?

Information to be published shortly.

Can I freeze ice blocks?

Yes, we provide communal freezers for the purpose of freezing ice blocks.

Is there public transport nearby?

Unfortunately there are no public transport links within walking distance to the campsite.

Henfield is served by the Brighton-Horsham Bus Route 17. Taxi services local to Henfield are mostly single operators - so we recommend finding one online in advance, to make sure you have a taxi arranged before setting out.

You can walk from Henfield (about two miles from Blacklands) across country, but only if you are prepared to carry everything on your back of course. The public footpaths are not always clear as actual paths - in places, it's necessary to cross or skirt open fields instinctively before the path becomes obvious again. Follow the purple route HERE - and please bear the very distinct possibility of getting lost in mind.

Hassocks, 5.4 miles away, is served by train from London and Brighton. A taxi ride from Hassocks train station costs in the region of £20 – call Five Star Taxis on 01273 846666.


Can I play music?


To preserve a back-to-nature ambience, STRICTLY NO MUSIC, TV, RADIO, VIDEO GAMES or similar should be audible anywhere on the grounds at any time.

If you are aware of any persons breaking this rule, please be sure to contact a member of staff as soon as you can.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are permitted, but must be kept on a lead at all times.

Do not bring dogs that are prone to barking, and of course, please clean up dog mess immediately afterwards, both on the grounds, and from the surrounding area.

Can I have a campfire?

We don't permit fires directly on the ground no.

But we do permit (and hire out) fire pits - which prove perfect to build a very nice (and safely sized) mini-campfire.

Smokeless fuels only! If you plan on bringing your own logs, please see the details under fire regulations below.

Note that it is absolutely forbidden to collect ground (or fresh!) wood anywhere on site or in the local area. Such wood burns with a very great amount of smoke.

Fire Regulations

  • Fires are permitted only in fire pits hired directly from us. Portable BBQs may also be used but must be raised from the ground adequately so as not to burn the grass in any way.
  • The only wood that is permissible to use on the campsite are the logs we sell in our onsite store. This is not for reasons of profit (it will be difficult to beat our logs on price) - but to ensure that only smokeless fuels are used, which saves the campsite from choking on smoke and fumes.
  • Under no circumstance whatsoever should wood or kindling be collected from the campsite grounds or local area.
  • Cooking on fire pits/BBQs is permitted, but note that the fire pits we provide for hire do not come with a griddle (it will be necessary to bring your own). Do ensure that the remains of any food are removed from the actual fire pit before returning them.
  • A full bucket of water must always be at the ready directly next to any fire pit or BBQ that has been lit, but not yet cooled to the ambient temperature, for which YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BUCKET.

Can I park my car next to my pitch?

In the playground field cars are parked up around the edges of the field, so cars will be close to pitch locations, but in most cases, not directly besides.

In the paddocks cars can be parked directly next to pitch locations.

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